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Zion Temple Apostolic Church

Ministries of Zion Temple

Men's Ministry

Our men's ministry looks at the Bible with the male in mind. From boys to men, from sons to fathers, from bachelors to husbands, the male encounters many developmental and relational challenges. The men's ministry provides a fellowship of males for discussion of life's issues or the planning of events just for relaxation and fun.

Women's Ministry

The Women's Ministries of Zion is a ministry designed by women, for women. Coming together in a sisterhood of faith, women of the Zion Temple Apostolic work together to form a tightly knit support group.

Youth Ministry

Our ministry to the youth of our church and community is energetic, spiritual, and educational. The young people of today have special challenges and are exposed to more than they were in days gone by. Our apostolic church reaches out to today's youth.

Seniors' Ministry

Our Senior's Ministry is geared toward the retired and elderly. This ministry teaches the Bible not only through various studies but through activities specifically for them. We are sensitive to the physical challenges that seniors can sometimes face and implement projects designed to help seniors stay active and healthy. We greatly respect the knowledge and experience seniors have gained over the years, so we provide opportunities for them to share their valuable life treasurers with other seniors and young people.

Children's Church Ministry

Our ministry for children is to get them familiar with the bible through its stories and lessons. The staff encourages their growth in the Word of God by involving them in games and activities centered around the bible and its teachings.

Adult Ministry

Our ministry for all adults is a rich mixture of subjects that touch every aspect of life's involvements. The adult life journey might encounter singleness, marriage, divorce, family and financial issues as well as health and wellness.

Our adult ministries help members to deal with these subjects from a biblical perspective and encourages awareness of available resources to handle life's challenges.